Catherine Zinger Soul Space

Hey there. I’m Catherine. I’m a creative. I write. I blog. I draw. I paint. I play piano. I cook (and always with love). I used to write as a publicist in hi-tech in Silicon Valley which now feels like 100 years ago. Up until recently, I was a regular contributing blogger to the Huffington Post Online. I also used to be a Russian and French translator (BA McGill University, Canada) and I got half a fine arts degree from the San Francisco School of Fine Arts. (I would have finished but our family moved to Paris.) But these business credentials don’t matter to me so much anymore.

So what does matter? Relationships. I’m really really good at life-long friendships. I have a huge capacity for listening and caring and wanting to hear about what matters to others. I’ve grown a lot these past few years and I’ve learned that my personal evolution is actually a toolbox of experiences to pull from and share. I no longer have “hard lines”—about anything. I have fine lines (and not just because I’m pushing 50!). 

Through my yoga practice, meditation and my own mental work, I’m discovering how seriously great it is that none of my lines are linear.


Denise Balyoz Soul Space

Hi! I’m Denise. I am also a creative, but in a different way to Catherine. I am a yoga teacher and a photographer. I teach about natural solutions & essential oils for health & wellness. From time to time, I write poetry or doodle. Always, I am led by my intuition.

Since 2012, I’ve been on an auto-immune health journey with my daughter. doTERRA oils are an essential part of her healing and a tool for my own wellness along with with my daily Ashtanga and meditation practice.

My passion is to create and hold space for connections to be made. What kind of connections? Self-to-self. Self-to-health. Person-to-person. Self-to-something greater: breath and peace and stillness. I believe that only when we get quiet, can we hear.

I’ve been teaching yoga from my own studio since 2013 and practicing for 20 years. Before my work on the mat, I “did the corporate thing” too—I specialized in strategic alliances and was a director of global business development for Cisco Systems and APC.

 Today my camera, the oils, a pen and yoga are my tools. 

My practice is in noticing and in discovering connection.

To share all of this is a gift that has become my joy. 

The Soul Space Connection

Denise wants to connect and serve. Catherine wants to inspire and be inspired.

One day, when Catherine was talking about the importance of rewiring life perspectives, Denise had a little idea. “What if we created a series of offerings that combine yoga breath techniques, meditation and essential oils (Denise) with journaling, discussion and an artistic element (Catherine), to help others make subtle shifts in how they created their life?”.  

From their own personal journeys, both Denise & Catherine knew that these small changes make a huge impact in creating a feeling of joy. 

 What neither expected was how much fun it would be. 

 Two former technology executives who balance each other out – sometimes with strategy, sometimes with execution – and often, with more laughter than either of them bargained for.

Come work with us. We’d love to meet you.