Do you find yourself asking, ‘Is this all life is? How do I become more? Where do I go from here?’ 


Speaking engagements

We like to talk and we have a lot to say! Our most recent engagement was a presentation to the 200 members of the Kensington and Chelsea Women's Group in London in September. 

Contact us about speaking to your group of 50 or more on any number of topics. Corporate packages available. 

your soul space summit

Meet with us in your own home for an informal and interactive discussion. Over tea & coffee, or wine & cocktails, we will delve deep with you into topics that are relevant and impactful for your group. 

Our themes are seasonally inspired. Why? Because seasonal transitions profoundly affect our minds and bodies...more than most of us realise. 

This forum is about creating a meaningful and eye-opening discussion for you & your group. We will touch briefly on the elements of a Your Soul Space practice as they apply to our topic. 

Prices begin at £1000 for 2 hours for you & your group of up to 10.

Following a summit, many women wish to delve deeper into this work. They choose to host a Soul Space Experience for themselves and their friends, or to work with us privately.  



your soul space experience

Would you like to begin or solidify your Soul Space practice? Our methodology incorporates philosophies and techniques from different disciplines and natural healing systems. This is about equipping you with a tool kit that can be used daily, in any situation. Breath, meditation, essential oils, journaling and various creative exercises combine to form a practice that is just for you.

During our time together, you will be guided and supported. You will discover simple and powerful practices and tools that you have right now in your life. You will learn how to combine and use them to foster a sense of alignment with your life’s purpose, 

Experiences are booked in two 2-hour sessions for groups of up to a maximum of 6 people. We recommend that your sessions occur at least 2 weeks, and no more than 2 months apart to allow for practice integration. Prices begin at £3000 per group and include supplies. 


your personal soul space

Are you struggling with an issue you would rather address privately? Perhaps you are working on self confidence, divorce, anxiety or your health.

Work with us privately in a series of in-person sessions or via video conference calls. 

Before we begin, we will help you to define your physical, emotional or spiritual goals and develop a bespoke practice based on your needs. We will follow your progress and engage with you regularly. Sessions are booked in blocks of 4. Please contact us for pricing.