Align your life with your true purpose and joy.


Do you find yourself asking, ‘Is this all life is? How do I become more? Where do I go from here?’ 

Because life is so busy, it's easy to feel lost, dissatisfied and unfulfilled - no matter how ‘successful’ you're perceived to be. As you move through life, you want to identify as being more than “just” the external label of wife, mother, caregiver or single woman.  


Your Path to Self-Rediscovery

Through conversation and practice methodology, Catherine & Denise invite you to consider the possibility of reinventing how you experience your life.

Your Soul Space is about making subtle shifts in your perspectives, assumptions and patterns. With consistency, over time, these shifts lead to a deepening of self purpose, life satisfaction and joy. 

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Join Us

Choose how you join us to begin your process of self-rediscovery. 

True life transformation happens when physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts occur. During our time together, you will be guided and supported on every level.

You will discover or learn simple, powerful practices and tools that you have access to RIGHT NOW in your life. They are easy to implement and do not take too much time.

We look forward to working with you.